Ensuring your child or young adult has a good education is a major concern for families. Here are a few key learning opportunities will help keep them on track. 


A supportive and stable education for your child or young adult is critically important. For families looking for learning opportunities, we have provided below ways to expand your knowledge and keep them on track.

Intersection of mental health and education

What should you know about accessing special education services for your child with social, emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges?


Eligibility and diagnosis; What's the difference?

There's a big difference between eligibility and a diagnosis. Learn the difference and why it matters in this 4-minute video. 

IEP's,IDEA and special education services

There's a lot to know about IEP's and how they can help your child. nationally recognized experts will get you started on the right track.


IEP's for emotional disturbances

The topic of this 10-minute video is about special education services under the category of 'emotional disturbance' -- a designation that many people don't even KNOW qualifies for special education services. *Note that PA's guidelines for evaluation, once consent has been given are 60 calendar days, not including summer break.*

Eligibility for special education

Can your child qualify for special education services because they have an emotional disturbance? This 3-minute video gives you the information you need to answer that question. 

The importance of evaluations

Parents often underestimate the importance of evaluations but this can be a big mistake. This 6-minute video explains how you can make sure you understand what tests are being suggested and how you can make sure your concerns are addressed. 

How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City Workshop

F.A.T. stands for Frustration, Anxiety, and Tension — and that's exactly what the participant’s experience. This workshop and video provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and siblings with the opportunity actually to experience the emotions and stresses that children with learning disabilities face daily. By using simulations and contrived activities as models (for example, telling a story without using any words that contain the letter N), the participants temporarily experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension that is the lifestyle of students with special needs.

The IEP team process: A framework for success

This 5 part series of video's between 4 and12 minutes takes you through the entire IEP process. Easy to understand guidance for families addresses topics like who is on an IEP team (chapter 2), what's included in the IEP (chapter 3), getting ready for your IEP meeting (chapter 4), and the IEP meeting itself (chapter 5). 

Truancy Issues

School attendance can be challenging when raising a child with social, emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Learn about your protections under the law and find some strategies should you need help from your child's school.

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